Visual Education

Through our photography workshops we foster creativity and approach photography from other angles. We help participants to learn by experience and promote the development of personal and collective skills through the creation of images and the study of visual language.

We design and develop workshops aimed at all kinds of publics and groups (companies, schools, collectives), with a range of different durations and formats.

The workshops are designed for existing groups. For more information, please call +34 93 217 36 63 or email

Photography and adolescence
A critical and creative photography capsule with alumni of the ESADE business school, focused on the reading and analysis of the genre of documentary photography.
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On Ens Trobem? Where Shall We Meet?
Barcelona is one of the cities with the greatest impact on tourism in the world, this workshop offered a participatory photographic experience to reflect on the implications and relationships between tourists and the local population.
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A space for reflection and creation aimed at groups of young people and adolescents who have wanted to experiment, reflect and tell us in images how the European Union feels from their point of view.
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Dear Europe Family Workshop
The participants drew a cartography of the Europe they wanted through the images they had saved on their mobile phones and social networks, photographs of the authors of DOCfield>16, press images and other graphic elements.
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