Interview > Silvia Omedes, all about WPP


Silvia Omedes |Foto: Imma Cortés

Interview conducted by Josep Maria Codina.

First of all, Silvia Omedes is the founder and head of Photograpic Social Vision (PSV), a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of photography from a wide range of perspectives for more than seventeen years and which today plays a very important role among the actors in our sector.

Among its different activities, PSV is responsible for the organization of the exhibition in which the works awarded by the World Press Photo in their different categories are exhibited every year in Barcelona. Since 2005, it has been presenting this exhibition in one of the CCCB’s halls, which has been increasing year after year with the number of visitors reaching a maximum of 50,000.

Probably the professionalism and success in Barcelona of this exhibition, which is presented every year in addition to 100 cities from 45 countries, led the competition’s organisers to propose Silvia Omedes as one of the two General Secretaries to be part of the Selection Jury this year, a position of maximum responsibility.

This has allowed her to live in first person the enriching experience of participating in the juries that value and pulse the best photojournalism works worldwide. And we want to talk to her about all of this in depth today, because it will help us learn more about how the world’s largest photojournalism contest works.

Josep Maria Cortina: Give us some data to draw the dimension and relevance of the WPP.

Silvia Omedes: The WPP was established in 1954 in Amsterdam and is now a foundation. It works in different aspects of photography promotion but the best known is, without a doubt, the organization of the annual photojournalism contest. For you tp have an idea, this year there were about six thousand photographers from 140 countries who presented about 74,000 images.

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