Mission, vision, values

photographic social vision


Since it was founded in 2001, Photographic Social Vision has pursued the following goals:

  • to raise awareness about little-known social issues and circumstances
  • to foster social transformation and integration by providing tools of expression to individuals and groups, in both the general public and vulnerable sectors of society
  • to support the professional development of documentary photographers and to provide consulting to entities linked to the sector
About us

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The commitment of the Foundation and its experience consist of:

  • strengthening the ties between authors, the professional milieu, and society
  • fostering reflection on, and a spirit of critical engagement with, our circumstances
  • recognizing and empowering good documentary practices as necessary tools in a democracy
  • providing the general public and the professional sector with tools for personal and professional development
  • making understand that images are not an objective reality but rather an invitation to interpret reality

The values that have governed the Foundation’s work from its beginnings are:

  • veracity as a guiding principle
  • a commitment to giving wider circulation to little-known stories
  • support for socially engaged authors
  • quality in the realization of our projects
  • social inclusion with a positive focus
  • the encouragement of good documentary practices
  • the defence of information free of censorship or manipulation
  • integrity in obtaining images and information