Fundación World Press Photo

Since 2005, the Dutch foundation has entrusted to Photographic Social Vision the organization in Barcelona of the world’s most prestigious photojournalism exhibition. Sharing values and a similar mission, reflected both in this exhibition and in its annual photography and multimedia competition, the World Press Photo Foundation expends a large part of its efforts, as we do, on education: on discovering and training the young photojournalists who will document the world to come.


The Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB) has coproduced the World Press Photo exhibition in Barcelona since its beginnings and collaborates with Photographic Social Vision in the organization of the world’s most important photojournalism exhibition. As a space for creation, research, information, and debate on contemporary culture, the centre has become an ideal setting both for the exhibition itself and for its multimedia content and complementary activities.

Banco Sabadell Foundation

Our ties with the Banc Sabadell Foundation go back almost to the very beginnings of Photographic Social Vision. The World Press Photo and DOCfield projects have been made possible thanks to its support, as has the DOCfield Dummy Award Fundació Banc Sabadell, which gives greater visibility to new publication formats available to photographers doing important work.


Sir Victor has become a partner with Photographic Social Vision, helping with the common purpose of connecting socially vulnerable people to the art of photography, giving them the opportunity to be creative, reinforce their identities and question categories. The ultimate mission is to help these individuals gain acceptance within greater society.


FUJIFILM España colabora con nuestra Fundación desde la tercera edición del Festival DOCfield el año 2015. Desde el primer momento, hubo una gran afinidad entre filosofía de empresa y la labor educativa que llevamos a cabo. Desde entonces, FUJIFILM España apoya nuestra área Educación de manera constante a través del patrocinio de proyectos y la aportación en especie de materiales para talleres (cámaras X Pro e instax, impresoras, tintas, carretes) y para la producción de exposiciones.