Photographic Archives represented by the Foundation

One of the purposes of Photographic Social Vision is to manage photographic archives of great historical, technical and aesthetic value, as well as to ensure their deserved public and institutional recognition. The Foundation is representative of the work of various photographers, dedicating itself to the research and preservation of archives, the production and sale of certified copies, or being curator of exhibitions and managing the relationship with exhibition venues, among other tasks.

Isabel Azkarate
Considered the first female photojournalist in the Basque Country, the work of this daring photojournalist highlights her testimony of terrorism in Euskadi during the 1980s, as well as her monitoring of the national and international cultural scene.
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Manuel Outumuro
Considered one of the best fashion photographers in the world, he succeeds both nationally and internationally in a profession begun from graphic design and in which he has received numerous awards and recognitions inside and outside our borders.
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Joana Biarnés Archive
Considered the first female photojournalist in Spain, she triumphed in a profession until then reserved for men and immortalized well-known characters. Then it seemed to fade away until, in his later years, he gained recognition.
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Ferran Freixa Archive
Ferran Freixa (1950-2021) is an indispensable author for contemporary creative photography, a benchmark for subjective documentary filmmaking, who knew how to visualize the passage of time and the memory of things.
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Jacques Léonard Archive
The work of the French photographer Jacques Léonard is particularly important for his exceptional portrait of gypsy life in Barcelona in the second half of the 20th century. After his death, the rediscovery of his archive and his recognition are on the rise.
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Oriol Maspons Archive
Oriol Maspons contributed decisively to the renewal of the photographic language in Spain during the sixties. Throughout his career he devoted himself to reporting, portraiture, fashion and advertising, and worked for the main magazines of the time.
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