In 2014 we started a campaign to recognize all those who love, respect and watch over photography in our city of Barcelona and the Foundation’s sphere of influence. We make this distinction visible with the annual delivery of the PHOTOLOVER quality seal to highlight their professionalism and help the public to identify them as benchmark entities in the sector, which perform commendable work.

The guide collects and disseminates data from more than 60 companies, establishments, professional initiatives and institutions recognized with this seal, which contribute, with their know-how and experience, to the development of the industry and the photographic sector.

Welcome to the PHOTOLOVER Guide 2024!

Associations and guilds:

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Photographic Association of Catalonia

Carrer del Duc st., 14, pral. (Barcelona)


Association of Professional Photographers of Spain

Balmes st., 177, 1º 2ª (Barcelona)


Cultural association of professionals and amateurs of photography and audiovisual

Negra Mosca

Cultural space for activities on visual creation

Encarnació st., 36 (Barcelona)


Photographic association in Barcelona


Image union

Espronceda st., 131 (Barcelona)


Terrassa Photographic Network


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Photographic Archive of Barcelona

Pons i Clerch square, 2 (Barcelona)

Alalimón Galería

Photo gallery

Mèxic st., 19, local Z (Barcelona)



Exhibition center

Montalegre st., 5 (Barcelona)

Foto Colectania

Photography foundation

Passeig Picasso, 14 (Barcelona)

Galería Juan Naranjo

Gallery / specialized bookstore

Casanova st., 136-138 B-3 (Barcelona)

Galería Valid Foto

Exhibitions and events

Buenaventura Muñoz st., 6 (Barcelona)


Photography center

Litoral avenue, 30, (Barcelona)

La Virreina

Exhibition center

La Rambla, 99 (Barcelona)


National Museum of Art of Catalonia

Palau Nacional, Montjuïc Park (Barcelona)


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Art Photo BCN

Photography festival

Biennal Miserachs

Biennal Fotografia Xavier Miserachs. Photography festival

Festival Revela't

Analog Photography Festival

FineArt Igualada

Photography festival


Internacional Festival of Photography

Jornades Foto Masnou

FEM, Masnou Photographic Association


Photography festival


Panoràmic festival in Granollers


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Bib. Agustí Centelles

Library specialized in photography

Compte d’Urgell st., 145-147 (Barcelona)

C.C. Can Basté

Community Center specialized in photography

Passeig Fabra i Puig, 274 (Barcelona)

C.C. Pati Llimona

Community Center specialized in photography

Regomir st., 3 (Barcelona)

EASD Serra i Abella

School of Art and Design

Jerusalem st., 2B (L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona)

El Observatorio

Photography teaching project

Camprodon st., 28 (Barcelona)


Faculty of Design and Engineering of Barcelona / University of Vic

La Rambla, 30-32 (Barcelona)

Espai F. Català-Roca

Photography workshops and exhibitions

Llançà st., 21 (Barcelona)


School of image and design

Gran Via, 461 (Barcelona)


Photography school

Comte Urgell st., 187 (Barcelona)

La Perversa

Photographic creation space

Ferran Turné st., 11 (Barcelona)

Professional services:

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Rental of audiovisual equipment and sets

Consell de Cent st., 205 (Barcelona)


Exhibition production

General Prim st., 27 (L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona)


Frames and art supplies

Buenaventura Muñoz st., 23 (Barcelona)

Arte y Memoria

Materials for the conservation of photography

Indústria st., 28  (Tona, Barcelona)

Còpia Lab

Laboratory specialized in FineArt

Sèneca st., 5 (Barcelona)


Photographic laboratory and visual communication services

Prats de Molló st., 20 (Barcelona)

Enrich Advocats

Intellectual property law

Verdi st., 72, local 2 (Barcelona)


Photographic printing and FineArt

Sant Lluís st., 53 (Barcelona)

Mahala Comunicación

Communication agency

Balmes st., 171, 1st floor (Barcelona)


Laboratory and framing

Tarragona st., 19 (Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, Barcelona)

Teresa Vallbona

Press manager, specialized in cultural area

679 802 176


Analog and digital photographic laboratory, and FineArt printing

Balmes st., 354, bajo (Barcelona)

VM Foto

Photography laboratory

Calabria st., 209 (Barcelona)


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Photojournalism magazine


Editorial projects

Alberes st., 52, 2ª Planta (Barcelona)

Ediciones Anómalas

Photobook publisher

Ediciones Posibles

Independent publishing project

Editorial RM

Publisher of art books in Barcelona

Ojos de buey

Publisher dedicated to documentary photography


Publisher specialized in documentary photography, books and albums


Bookstore and book publisher

Comte Borrell st., 99 (Barcelona)

Specialized shops:

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4 Photos

Photographs and related objects

Comercial st., 1 (Barcelona)

Casanova Foto

Photographic material store

Ronda de la Universitat, 35 (Barcelona)


Bookstore specialized in photography books

Ramón y Cajal st., 37 (Barcelona)

Finestres d'Art i Còmic


Diputació st., 250 (Barcelona)

Impossible Project

Instant photo store

Tantarantana st., 16 (Barcelona)

Lomography Shop

Photography and accessories store

Rosic st., 3 (Barcelona)


Sale and photography services

Goya st., 18 (Barcelona)

Wonder Photo Shop

Photographic store and services

Gran de Gràcia st., 1 (Barcelona)