Production Company

Photographic Social Vision collaborates in the production and promotion of documentary audiovisual works that give visibility to the lives and works of significant photographers, as well as to stories and issues that are little-known to the general public.

Joana Biarnés, una entre todos
The life and work of the first Spanish woman photojournalist, Joana Biarnés, a pioneer who overcame the prejudices of her age, triumphed in her profession, met and captured for posterity some great historical figures, and then, just when she may have turned into a legend, disappeared. The film, written and directed by Jordi Rovira and Òscar Moreno, has been realized by REC Produccions and co-produced by Photographic Social Vision.
The Matchbox
A documentary by photojournalist David Airob, made from an interview with another great photographer, Joan Guerrero, whose photographic vision was shaped when he was a child, learning to frame images by looking through a hole in a box of matches. The result is an examination of Guerrero’s career and the themes he explored in the course of it, such as migration.
La verdad bajo la tierra
Following the book project of the same name, which documented the devastating consequences of the armed conflict in Guatemala, photographer Miquel Dewever-Plana returned to the country to present the results of his work to the communities involved. The testimonies of the victims contained in printed form gave way to a new experience when they held the book in their hands. This was documented in a second stage of the project, audiovisual this time: a film directed by Eva Vilamala.