Photography and adolescence

Three independent and complementary workshops in which, through participatory exercises, we invite young people to work from direct experience. Using their own images in a creative and reflective way, photography is the thread that encourages teenagers to share their vision of themselves and what it is like to be young today.

The workshops are designed for existing groups. For more information, call +34 93 217 36 63 or email

Summary of the workshop in images

>First workshop: From selfie to study portrait

We analyze some of the most effective strategies for individual and group portraits, finding out what is essential to achieve authenticity, simplicity and empathy with our models. A session dedicated to generating portraits in a mobile studio to finally capture a symbolic image of adolescence.

>Second workshop: Explaining youth from youth

We discover each person’s unique vision through the images they store on their mobile phone, revealing what makes them unique and expanding their vision with the help of their peers. We are inspired by the visioning of authors and artists, we create new images and new stories that complete a personal, authentic and surprising visual narrative. We ended with the sharing and creation of a small group exhibition.

>Third workshop: Use of photography in social networks

We work with the images that the participants share through social networks and we create a debate about the changes that the digital society is causing in the construction of our identity and our relationships. We investigate especially in the transformation of the traditional concepts of intimacy and in extending the domestic scenarios beyond the private space. Finally, we observe how students use their intimate images on social networks.