Educational Unit: European Experimentation was a space for reflection and creation articulated by the photographer Julián Barón and carried out together with the Education Area of Photographic Social Vision at the Espai Lab de Arts Santa Mònica within the DOCfield 16. A four-hour workshop, aimed at groups of young people and adolescents who wanted to experiment, reflect and tell us in pictures how the European Union feels from their point of view.

Based on the review of documentary photographic works by various authors and periods that form part of the visual imaginary of our modern and contemporary European history, a series of exercises, practical interventions and open debates have been programmed that raise questions such as: Where does our image of Europe come from? What do the boundaries, the limits…? What do we know and understand about Europe? How do photography, video, documentaries and art help us in our mental construction of Europe?

The results of this group experience were part of the exhibition “Myths of the near future” of the Docfield>16 festival at Arts Santa Mònica (from 19/07 to 11/09), in installation format.

Dates: 26, 27, 28, 30 and 31 May 2016
Exhibition hours: from 10 am to 2 pm and from 4 pm to 8 pm
Place: Espai Lab – Arts Santa Mònica (La Rambla, 7 08002 Barcelona)