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The photographer Joana Biarnés

The photographic work of Joana Biarnés i Florensa (Terrassa, 1935-2018), considered the first female photojournalist in Spain, is represented by the Photographic Social Vision Foundation.

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Witness to social and cultural transformation


Her images show an important stage of the 20th century: the years of the Franco regime, with a sad and impoverished Spain, and the beginnings of democracy, its aspirations for freedom and how illusion was recovered. Joana Biarnés knew how to capture a changing society, also leaving testimony of catastrophes, sporting events and social events.

Important people of national art such as Dalí, Buñuel, Lola Flores, Rocío Durcal, Rocío Jurado, Marisol, Massiel, Joan Manuel Serrat or Raphael paraded before her camera, portrayed in a close and natural way. And international artists such as Orson Welles, Jack Lemmon, Yul Brinner, Roman Polanski, Clint Eastwood, or the Beatles themselves also surrendered to their charisma, being the only one who came to photograph the band in the privacy of their hotel room, during his Spanish tour.


A pioneering woman in photojournalism


Started in the profession as an assistant to her father, a sports photographer, she became a pioneer by overcoming the prejudices of what was a sector until then reserved for men.

She triumphed as a photojournalist, especially between the 1960s and 1970s, but by the 1980s, with the rise of tabloids, she preferred to leave the profession and pursue new personal challenges, thus fading from official history.

However, in 2012, her archive would be rediscovered by chance, when a documentarian, who was looking for images of floods in Catalonia in 1962, located the impressive images with which the then young apprentice had immortalized that disaster. That’s how, fortunately, we recovered the lead of a legendary photographer.


The legacy of Joana Biarnés and the future of photojournalism


Joana Biarnés receives the Medal of Honor from the Terrassa City Council © Imma Cortés

Since 2014, Photographic Social Vision has been proud to represent Joana Biarnés as an author and to convey the multiple acts of recognition of her career, as well as the honor of managing her archive and her rights, after the death of the photographer in December 2018. .

In just 5 years, we have been able to research and digitize her archive, organize exhibitions, manage interviews, defend her intellectual property rights and sell her photographs to collectors. In addition, we have co-edited with Blume Editorial, the precious anthological book Disparando con el corazón (“Shooting with the heart”; check its content here and/or buy it) and co-produced the documentary Una entre todos (“One among all”), together with Rec Produccions (link to see it on Filmin). Also, the TVE docuseries Detrás del Instante (“Behind the moment”), about the greats of Spanish photography, closed its first season with a chapter dedicated to Joana, in which we had the pleasure of participating.

At last, Joana has reconquered her place as indispensable in the photography of this country. But there is still a lot to be done in the diffusion of her figure and her vital principles. So in 2019, coinciding with the first anniversary of her loss, we present the Beca Joana Biarnés, a scholarship for young photojournalists, with which we fulfill one of her last wishes: that the benefits of her work be used to strengthen the professional development of future generations of photojournalists.


Exhibitions with the work of Joana Biarnés


Currently, four traveling exhibitions travel spreading his legacy:


Discover the photographs for sale from the Joana Biarnés Archive


  • Analog copies made by hand, from the original negatives, and numbered.
  • Black and white gelatin silver print on baryta paper and selenium bath.
  • Signed by the photographer or certified by her husband Jean Michel Bamberger and the Foundation.
  • Measures 30 x 40 cm and 40 x 40 cm.

In the download icon that you will find below we offer you the catalog with a selection of her work for sale:


To access more work by Joana Biarnés, obtain more details or make an appointment to see the copies, contact: or call 93 217 36 63.

A sample from the Joana Biarnés Archive
Trailer of the documentary "One among all"

Exhibitions and awards:


Joana Biarnés. Moda a pie de calle. Sala Muncunill. Terrassa.



Joana Biarnés. Moda a pie de calle. Tinglado 2, centre d’Art Tarragona.

Joana Biarnés. Disparant amb el cor. Casa de Cultura de Girona, Girona.



Premio Graffica. Murcia.

Moda y fotografía. Exposición colectiva. Museo del Traje, festival PhotoEspaña, Madrid.

Joana Biarnés. Disparant amb el cor. Festival In Cadaqués, Cadaqués, Girona.

Joana Biarnés. Disparant amb el cor. Castell de Rubí, Rubí, Barcelona.



La fotografía como espacio público, Colectiva. Arts Santa Mónica, Barcelona.

El rostre, l’instant i el lloc. Centre Cultural El Casino, Manresa

Joana Biarnés. Disparant amb el cor. Festival Fine Art Igualada

De l‘ombra a la llum. Exposición colectiva junto a Laia Abril y Sandra Balsells. Fundación Setba, Barcelona.

Juana Biarnés. A contracorriente. La Lonja, Zaragoza

Fotógrafa invitada en el Festival Formentera Fotogràfica.

Joana Biarnés. El ojo cómplice. Sala del CDIS, UIMP, Santander

Retratos. Juana Biarnés. Festival Internacional de Benidorm

Subasta en beneficio de la Fundación Balia, Museo Thyssen, Madrid

Nuevas adquisiciones de fotografía de la Colección Nacional de la Generalitat de Catalunya (colectiva), Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona.

Recibe la Medalla de Honor del Ayuntamiento de Terrassa.

Joana Biarnés. A contracorrent. Palau Robert, Barcelona



El rostre, l’ instant i el lloc. Museu d’Art Jaume Morera, Lleida

Distinción. Un siglo de fotografia de moda (colectiva). Museu del Disseny, Barcelona

Juana Biarnés. A contracorriente. Sala Fernando Fernán Gómez, Festival PhotoEspaña, Madrid

Joana Biarnés i The Beatles, 1965. Sala de l´EMD de l´Estartit, Beatles Weekend 2016

Joana Biarnés. Disparant amb el cor. IX Biennal de Fotografia Xavier Miserachs, Palafrugell

Joana Biarnés. Disparant amb el cor. Galeria Valid Foto, Bcn

Subasta Aficionarte (colectiva). Fundación Pequeño Deseo. Galería Senda, Barcelona.

Premio Juan José Castillo de Periodismo, El Mundo Deportivo.

Premio Agulla de Plata del Festival Revela’t.

Premio Insignia de Oro de la AIG (Asociacion de Informadores Gráficos). Logroño, La Rioja.



The Beatles,1965. Sala Estrella, Festival Revela´t 2015, Vilassar de Dalt, Bcn

La parálisis cerebral desde la mirada de Joana Biarnés. Sala del Archivo Tobella y en itinerancia posterior en el Centro Cultural de Terrassa. Terrassa

Premio de la Federació d’Associacions d’Editors de Premsa, Revistes i Mitjans Digitals. Barcelona.


El rostre, l’instant i el lloc. Sala Muncunill, Terrassa

Reconocimiento con la Creu de Sant Jordi de la Generalitat de Catalunya.



XIII Seminario de fotografía y periodismo de Albarracín.



50º aniversari de la riuada de Terrassa (colectiva). Museu de Terrassa, Terrassa


Fotógrafas pioneras de Cataluña (colectiva). Palau Robert, Barcelona.