World Press Photo 2019 Barcelona

27 abril > 26 mayo 2019

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The World Press Photo 2019 exhibition once again makes Barcelona one of the first cities in the world to display the winning photographs of the prestigious photojournalism award and the winning works of the Digital Narrative contest.

The international exhibition World Press Photo 2019 is installed at the CCCB for the fifteenth year, organized by the Photographic Social Vision Foundation.

Under the motto ‘The stories that matter’, the exhibition reveals the winning works of the international contest of the same name and which are mostly unpublished in our country. For 15 years, the exhibition in Barcelona has offered an experience that goes beyond the mere observation of the winning works. The Educational Area of ​​the Photographic Social Vision Foundation offers an extensive program of parallel activities and guided visits to schools, companies and the general public that enrich the understanding of current affairs and the functions, values ​​and challenges of photojournalism.

The exhibition of the winning photographs, which begins its world tour in Amsterdam, can be visited throughout the year in more than 100 cities around the world and 45 countries, reaching a global audience of more than 4 million viewers.


Imágenes de la última edición en Barcelona
Conoce la historia del concurso de fotoperiodismo