Dani Garcia Sarabia



Barcelona, 1978

Professional photographer based in Barcelona with more than 15 years of experience in the advertising industry, his work has been published in magazines, books, advertisements etc. For several years he has worked on post production for the most important agencies in the country. What has brought a great professional basis to the artistic side of their work.

Nowadays talking about Dani García Sarabia is akin to show a photographer seeking the most primitive essence of natural habitat. The images he catches with his artist’s eye appear full of contradictions. On the one hand they seem paintings sweetly drawn from nature, and on the other they are given an immense dramatism capable of taking us to almost unknown interior spaces. In his skilful hands the camera plays extraordinarily to show different facets of the same scene through games of light and tones or even the absence of colour, all thanks to the contrasts of extreme climates. We can therefore say without fear of mistake that the scenes portrayed under his particular and special perspective often enclose a subtle irony or double meaning that inspire different reflections and interpretations.