Joan Tomás

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Barcelona 1958.

Self-taught from the age of 11, until he studied photography in London at the Ealing College of Higher Education in the late 70s. After doing photojournalism, industrial and corporate photography, fashion and advertising, he has specialized in portraiture, developing projects for magazines, publishers, record companies, film producers, advertising agencies and institutions.

In recent years he has had an intense social activism, using community art and urban art as a tool for social integration, visibility of groups and the claim of rights.

He has published 4 books. A selection of portraits in the Photobolsillo collection of La Fábrica. “Que podem fer?” document of the missionary Ángel Olarán’s work in Wukro-Ethiopia. “Bajari” stories of rumba and flamenco in gypsy Barcelona.  “Okinawa Paradox” a personal work on the history, culture and character of the island of Okinawa in Japan.