Jordi Carot
Tel. +00 34 620 379 289

Barcelona, 1973

Jordi Carot is a photographer and director of documentary films. Although he boasts that he has done almost everything, there are still horizons where he can bring his imagination. Passionate about Asia, his culture and history, and trips, he has made different photographic and audiovisual projects, as well as exhibitions and talks related to photography and cinema.

Born in Barcelona and renounced in Benarés (India) 33 years later, it was at age 5 when he modeled and edited his first magazine based on sports newspaper clippings, without a doubt the genesis and the cause of being involved in the graphics world and audiovisual. From the 20 minute days to the art direction of GAZ (General Art Zine), the first multimedia magazine made in Spain. As a graphic designer or art director, he has worked in numerous agencies, with and for different clients such as Editorial Planeta, Nina Ricci, Gaz Magazine, H Magazine, El País, 20 Minutes, Epson, Endesa … He has been a co-founder of two studies: Imagics and dLightbox, the latter focusing on audiovisual art direction.

He is co-director with Jose Sáenz de Heredia of the documentary film Earth Sutra (Antropodocs 2016), which has brought him to know characters from Tibetan exile in India and Nepal: musicians, poets, activists, prisoners … and be close to personalities like the Dalai Lama or Robert Thurman. An eight-year project that saw the light at the Cineteca in Madrid with the presence and sponsorship of Thubten Wangchen (President of the Casa del Tibet Foundation) and American actor Richard Gere.

She is currently working on new projects, such as Pandora XXI (a short film about the concept of beauty), Idol (A series about the idol juvenile phenomenon in Japan), The Invented City, a documentary on the figure of the missing Catalan architect Enric Miralles and the Miralles Tagliabue EMBT studio run by Benedetta Tagliabue

He’s Communication chief of the Barcelona Human Rights Cinema Festival.