Mdolors G-Luumkab

After studying design and working for more than ten years in the field, Mdolors decided to make a change, earning a degree in fine arts from the Universitat de Barcelona (2000-2005). A trip to Mexico awakened his interest in anthropology and images, leading him to earn a master’s degree in visual anthropology (2006-2008), while also taking courses in documentary photography and photojournalism. It was in this way that he came to adopt photography as a definitive means of expression. 

His work explores the aggression exercised against the environment, the conflict between development and conservation, and the loss of identity suffered by minority cultures. It reflects on landscape, human beings, time, and the often fragile relations between the three, with special emphasis on how we interact with our environment, on the experience, creation, destruction, and modification of space, on its abandonment and the alterations we inflict upon it, and on the way nature reabsorbs these alterations: in short, on human impact and its consequences.

His interest in other cultures has taken him to every corner of the planet, but his passion for the rain forest and for the pre-Hispanic civilizations of the Americas, especially the Mayan world, has led him to undertake much of his work in Chiapas in Mexico. He has done photo essays for publications such as Rutas del Mundo and Descobrir Catalunya. He was a finalist in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards and a winner of a Lux de Oro for the best documentary reportage. His work is in the art collection of the Fundació Vila Casas.