Silvia Domínguez

Sanxenxo (Pontevedra), 1973

A photographer with a degree in law, currently living in Madrid. Trained at EFTI (Centro Internacional de Fotografía y Cine) and Blank Paper, she has undertaken her personal projects in the area of documentary photography while working freelance in the areas of still, portrait, and other kinds of commercial photography. Her more personal work focuses on the potential of individual human beings to change the world: hope is the fundamental motor of such changes.

“The great advances of humanity are made possible by people who have faith individually in being able to achieve them, transmit this hope to others, and by joining forces reach unimaginable goals. The strength of humanity as a collective agent originates in each individual person. With my work I try to awaken in individuals an awareness of their own power to make a difference. Through documentary photography I seek to tell those little great stories that inspire us and impel us to progress in a positive way.”