Photographic Archives

Author’s Photographic Archives advisory


With Silvia Omedes

In addition to representing the archives of Isabel Azkarate, Joana Biarnés and Jacques Léonard, currently we also provide ADVISORY SERVICES TO THE ARCHIVES of photographers, as valuable as Oriol Maspons or Mey Rahola.

The Foundation offers, among other services:

· Strategic advice for the exploitation of photographic archives

· Search for opportunities to announce and publicize the archive and its contents (exhibition spaces, participation in festivals, search for national and foreign galleries)

· Advice on the conservation of works and inventory management

· Legal advice on Intellectual Property and contract review

· Advice on the use of social networks and digital environment: web and Instagram

· Management of sale of exploitation rights with clients

· Investigation of the contents of the archives

· Curation and coordination of exhibitions

· Sale of current or vintage photographs to collectors.

Oriol Maspons and Mey Rahola.