Star Photobook Dummy Award dedicated to Inés Casals

Inés Casals, our real star. © Amparo Tamarit

In 2021, we launched the first edition of the Star Photobook Dummy Award an annual prize organized by Photographic Social Vision Foundation in collaboration with three publishing houses: Phree, Ediciones Posibles and RM.

The Award is born as a tribute to Inés Casals (1970-2020), art director, graphic designer, dear friend and colleague, who left us in 2020. With this initiative, launched on 8th april, the day she was born, we want to honor her memory and cherish the legacy of her work, her creativity and her love for photobooks.


Inés has been a guiding star for many people, on both a professional and personal level. She was a passionate graphic designer and a photobook lover. Her approach to each project was enthusiastic, curious, optimistic and supportive.

“No te preocupes, yo te ayudo” (don’t worry, I will help you) she would often say to friends or photographers stuck in some sort of dilemma, and she always put the focus on the “I”, meaning that you could count on her. She was there for you.

Her love for beauty, form and color was paramount in her life and work. Her affectionate attention to detail and her empathetic attitude were unique traits together with the originality of her ideas and the love that permeated her creativity.

The Star Photobook Dummy Award wants to honor her legacy by offering a photographer the opportunity to publish a photobook with full support in the final process of optimization and publication. Always with the attention, passion and care that defined Inés in her life and work.

Inés you are a star, and this prize is, first of all, yours.