Ignacio Coló, winner of the first edition of the Star Photobook Dummy Award

The winner of the first edition of the annual prize Star Photobook Dummy Award is “Eduardo & Miguel”, by Ignacio Coló. Read our interview with the author at this link.

Model of “Eduardo & Miguel”, by Ignacio Coló.

The project tells the story of Eduardo and Miguel Portnoy, two 53-year-old twin brothers who live in Buenos Aires and have never been separated since they were born. They live together, work together, and have no close friends or other family members. They do everything alone and have each other.

The Star Award 1st edition Jury has highlighted Coló’s approach to the subject, in a simple and close way, demonstrating a high degree of complicity with his protagonists. Without forgetting the hardest and saddest aspects of this human relationship, in whose history, the feelings of isolation and loneliness are recurrent. Despite this, the author manages to convey an optimistic attitude, providing an intimate and tender look that gives value to small everyday gestures ”.

© Ignacio Coló

The members of the jury have also highlighted two aspects: the naturalness with which the project connects, in an intuitive and direct way, with the experiences of its protagonists. And, secondly, the way it addresses, at a deeper and more complex reading level, about universal concepts such as loneliness, vulnerability, identity and love.

© Ignacio Coló

In the jury’s opinion, the model “presents an impeccable and well-resolved design that enriches the story and the concept in a balanced way. Likewise, the realization of the photobook is viable within the bases of the award and the project is in tune with the values of the Star Photobook Dummy Award that pays tribute to the designer Inés Casals in whose honour this award has been created ”.

“Sensitivity, emotion and excellence have been very present values in the selection process of the winning project. However, the balance and coherence between content and form, and the viability of the project, have also been key in our choice.” Helena Velez Olabarria, visual researcher and cultural producer.


The author, Ignacio Coló.

Ignacio Coló, is a photographer and editor born in Buenos Aires, Argentina (1980). He lived in Paris, where he specialized in the history of photography at the University of the Sorbonne. Upon his return to Buenos Aires, he finished his photography studies at the EAF (Escuela Argentina de Photography) and studied Direction of Photography at SICA, the union of professional filmmakers.
He currently works in the Sunday supplement of La Nación, one of the main Argentine newspapers, as a photographer and photo editor. His photographs are regularly published in media such as the Financial Times, Le Monde, El Mundo, or the magazines Papel, L’Equipe Magazine, France Football, Society or Art Magazine, among others. He has also exhibited his work in group and solo shows.

Check here an interview with Coló about his awarded project.

“The aspects and values most considered have been the level of formal and conceptual harmony between the content (images and texts) and the container (model); the economic viability of the project and the presence of some of the values that best define the artistic legacy of Inés Casals ”. Lea Tyrallová, Production Manager, Editorial RM.

“For me, it was essential that the photobook was the optimal support for the project. And from my perspective as a designer, it was important that it be conceptually appropriate and its technical part impeccable. ” Javier Aristu, creative director and founder of Aristu & Co


Coló’s proposal was one of these ten finalists chosen by the jury of the first edition of the Star Photobook Dummy Award:

  • Nicola Bertasi – “Like Rain Falling From the Sky” – Nominated by Holly Roussell
  • Bebe Blanco Agterberg – “A mal tiempo, buena cara / In bad weather, a good face” – Nominated by Rafal Milach
  • Albert Bonsfills – “Sakae Menda” – Nominated by RUIDOPHOTO
  • Elodie Chrisment – “157/192” – Nominated by Ana Casas Broda
  • Ignacio Coló – “Eduardo & Miguel” – Nominated by Nicolás Janowsky
  • Camilla de Maffei – “Delta” – Nominated by Juan Justicia
  • Mads Holm – “HRTLND” – Nominated by Erik de Krujif
  • Suwon Lee – “Mr & Mrs” – Nominated by Jaime Narváez
  • Sarah Pabst – “Zukunft” – Nominated by Verónica Fieiras
  • Juan Sánchez – “Panadella” – Nominated by Salvi Danés i Jesús Micó

“Participation is through international nominators, experts and professional colleagues who act as filters, each with their preferences and skills. This clearly ensures an optimal level. ” Arianna Rinaldo, independent curator and photography consultant.


With 150 invited nominators  from 34 different countries, the call has received more than 150 models from 36 other countries. The authorship of the projects presented is equal between men and women. It is worth noting the very high quality of all the proposals received,, which has not made the jury’s decision easy.

“Any author who has submitted to this award is looking to publish (make public) their story and the Star Award will be the perfect vehicle for that: take care of the details, produce the object, financially reward the author or author and distribute his book internationally thanks to the alliance of the three complicit publishing houses ”. Juan Valbuena, photographer and founder of Editorial Phree

The Star Photobook Dummy Award is an initiative of the Photographic Social Vision Foundation, with the collaboration of the publishers Phree, Ediciones Posibles and RM.