Star Photobook Dummy Award

The Star Photobook Dummy Award is an annual award, created in 2021 in honor of the loving creativity of graphic designer Inés Casals.

This award offers a photographer the opportunity to publish a photobook with full support in the final process of optimization and publication. Always with the attention, passion and care that defined Inés in her life and work. With this initiative, we want to honor her memory and cherish the legacy of her work, her creativity and her love for photobooks.



Organized by Photographic Social Vision Foundation in collaboration with three publishing houses: Phree, Ediciones Posibles and RM, the prize offers the opportunity and the support to publish a photobook on the basis of a dummy in its final stage of design and concept presented via nomination.

The Star Photobook Dummy Award consists on the contribution of 10,000€ for the publication of one photobook dummy selected among the ones nominated to the prize, as well as 3 mentorship sessions, national and international distribution and direct shipping of the book to 50 international contacts in the editorial field of photography.

The Board of Advisors of the Star Photobook Dummy Award is composed by Arianna Rinaldo, Silvia Omedes, Helena Velez Olabarria, Javier Aristu, Alice Monteil, Mireia Carbonell, Mireia Plans, Juan Valbuena, Laia Abril, Alex Llovet, Ramon Pez, Rafa Arocha and Toni Amengual.

The Award is possible thanks to the generosity and support of the Casals family, the Photographic Social Vision Foundation, José de Ros, Cristina Pedrol y Diego Ballester, Reprogenetics, Mireia Sandalinas, Carles Giménez, Silvia Omedes y editorial Blume.

The 1st edition Jury. selected “Eduardo & Miguel”, by Ignacio Coló winner of the 1st edition of the Star Photobook Dummy Award.

The 2nd edition Jury. selected “Devil’s Rib”, by Mateusz Kowalik winner of the 2nd edition of the Star Photobook Dummy Award.




Participation in the Star Photobook Dummy Award is possible only by nomination. Once a year a group of national and international Nominators as well as the Board of advisors (people professionally and personally close to Inés Casals), can propose a maximum of 3 dummies each which will be reviewed by the Award’s jury. Every year the jury will be composed of 4 members of the Board of advisors plus at least one representative of the 3 collaborating publishing houses. Jury members will not be able to nominate dummies. Check the nominators list.



The dummy will be evaluated on the basis of design and concept, but also on the basis of the story it narrates. The Star Photobook Dummy Award will focus on projects permeated by the human values that were important in the life and work of Inés Casals, like: friendship, empathy, intimacy, warmth, love, beauty, poetry, doubt, fear, challenge, tenacity, empowerment, self-determination, resilience, acceptance, self-care, compassion, without forgetting irony and non-conforming.


The annual calendar for the Star Photobook Dummy Award is like follows:

· Launch date: April 8th
· Open for nominations from April to June 8th.
· Jury members review the dummies in June, July and August
· Jury meeting and deliberation in September.
· Announcement of the winner in October.
· Mentorship sessions and optimization of book design between October and December.
· Production and printing of the book in January and February of the year following the launch.
· Distribution in March of the year following the launch.
· On the 8th of April of the year following the launch, the printed photobook will be presented and the following edition will be launched.

Check the list of professionals invited to nominate and the members of the Jury of the 2nd edition of the prize.

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