Exhibition > “Toros y toreros”, with works by Pomés, Maspons and Masats together for the first time in France

Archivo fotográfico Oriol Maspons

III, from the series for the book “Toreo de Salón”. Ed. Lumen, 1963.© Oriol Maspons

On April 16, 2022, the Anne Clergue gallery in Arles (Provence, France) opens the collective exhibition “Bulls and Bullfighters”, which can be visited until May 14 and in whose conception and organization the Photographic Foundation has collaborated.

It is a black and white journey through the world of bullfighting and its surroundings, from the 1950s to the present, in which the gaze of three avant-garde Catalan photographers stands out, meeting for the first time in a French art gallery, Leopoldo Pomés, Oriol Maspons and Ramón Masats, as well as a current Mexican photographer, Carlos Cazalis.

The exhibition brings together work for sale (vintage and current certified copies) of all the aforementioned photographers.

Archivo fotográfico Leopoldo Pomés

La Algaba, Sevilla, 1957.© Leopoldo Pomés

From Pomés (Barcelona, ​​1931- Girona, 2019), National Photography Award winner in 2018 and photographer of sensuality during the gray Spain of Francoism, photographs from his book “Toros”, published in 1996, are exhibited. Since his death, this is the first time your files are opened for public viewing.

From Maspons (Barcelona, ​​1928 – 2013), a renovator of photographic language during the 1970s, photographs from the acclaimed series “Toreo de salon” are shown, which he published in 1963 together with the photographer Julio Ubiña and texts by Camilo José Cela.

Archivo fotográfico Ramón Masats

Arcos de la Frontera, Cádiz, 1959 1963.© Ramón Masats

And from Masats (Caldes de Montbui, 1931), also the National Photography Prize in 2004, a selection of highly representative vintage and contemporary photos from his bullfighting series is presented.

In addition, the collective exhibition adds unpublished photographs that Cazalis (Mexico City, 1969) took of José Tomás when he returned to the ring in 2022, also in black and white.

Files represented by Photographic

Both the Maspons Archive and the Pomés Archive are managed by the Photographic Foundation, together with the heirs of their authors. Its inclusion in this collective exhibition is the result of the work of the Foundation to continue internationalizing the valuable and indispensable legacy of the great national authors.

Photographic directly manages and also supports the work of the heirs of various fundamental photographic archives for our historical memory in order to ensure their proper conservation, cataloging and dissemination, as well as their well-deserved public and institutional recognition, through the organization of exhibitions and outreach activities.

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