Ruth Lauer-Manenti wins the III Star Photobook Dummy Award

The Star Photobook Dummy Award has chosen the winning photobook dummy in its third edition. It is “I Imagined It Empty”, by the American photographer Ruth Lauer-Manenti.

The Jury of this edition has selected this project as the winner, after selecting it as one of the 12 finalists for the Award, among the more than 100 dummies received.

Lauer-Manenti’s project was presented as a candidate by Gabriela Cendoya Bergareche, closely linked to the photobook sector, collaborator of the San Telmo Museum (Donostia, Spain) and member of the international nominators team of the Star Award 2023.

I Imagined It Empty‘, the winning photobook dummy, portrays the last week of the photographer’s mother’s life

The jury’s decision is based on the following conclusion:

«The winning dummy, “I Imagined It Empty” by Ruth Lauer-Manenti, portrays the farewell of a loved one from a simple and poetic touch. Equally sweet and harsh, the images flow in a timeless sequence that reveals a delicate process of accepting death. The design is sober and almost ascetic reflecting a a sense of emptiness, while offerinf glimpses of a life and a complex human relationship. The project transmits a deafening silence. The visual narrative voids and memories, mirroring an intimate world that leads the reader into the vertigo of human existence

From the Photographic Social Vision Foundation, we thank the international nominators for the high quality of all the proposals, and we also thank the jury for their excellent work in selecting and evaluating all the dummies. In the words of Mireia Plans, member of the jury: «This edition of the Star Award has been a true fountain of creativity and talent, with more than a hundred authors who invite us to travel through the most diverse corners of human nature. »

We congratulate all the authors of the dummies received, especially the twelve finalists and, of course, the winner. We are looking forward, with great enthusiasm, to starting the process of turning the dummy “I Imagined It Empty” into a photobook, together with its author Ruth Lauer-Manenti and the collaborating publishers: Ediciones Posibles, Phree and Editorial RM.

Star Photobook Dummy Award